Spreadsheet Calculators for Toxicology (and other life sciences)
Right-click on the links below to download the Excel spreadsheets.
Please read the "notes" page in the spreadsheet, if included, for instructions needed to enable certain functions.
These work sheets contain macros; macros must be enabled for the calculations to work properly.
CONVERT-O-MATIC:  Concentration conversions and conversions between other units
STAT-O-MATIC:  Simple statistical tests, t-tests, ANOVA, correlation, Fisher's exact test, etc
SCALE-O-MATIC:  Allometric dose-scaling and dose conversions based on body surface area
PK-O-MATIC:  Single-dose and multiple-dose PK simulations
MOL-O-MATIC:  Calculate molecular weight from empirical chemical formula
INHALE-O-MATIC:  Estimate mg/kg doses from inhalation exposures
FEED-O-MATIC:  Estimate mg/kg doses from food or drinking water exposures
SOLV-O-MATIC:  Calculate Permitted Daily Exposures (PDEs) using ICH Residual Solvent guidelines

This page was updated 23 May 2008